HOTPEC Orphanage in Cameroon

Because of lack of space about 10 to 12 children sleep in double storeyed beds. The food for the orphans is cooked on an open fire in a large wooden structure. At the moment a new building containing a kitchen and canteen is under construction. Further there is a small building, apart from the others, with toilets and washing facilities for the whole orphanage. Every Sunday a church service is conducted in one of the classrooms.

Scattered on the compound, there are also stables for pigs, goats, geese and chicken, which are used for self subsistance. Large areas are used to grow plantains, yams, beans, fruit trees and so on. The children of the different age groups are responsible for certain tasks. Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, helping to care for the small children, caring for the domestic animals and working in the gardens and fields are done by the children and youth themselves.