HOTPEC Orphanage in Cameroon

HOTPEC is in fact a governmental recognised orphanage, but does not receive any support from public institutions. The orphanage is living from donations in form of goods or money from private persons, church organisations and national and international companies operating in Cameroon. A part of the necessary daily food is coming from their own sources. All the other daily necessities of life like cooking oil, salt, sugar, milkpowder for the small children, soap, washing powder and so on must be bought. Also there are other costs like the salaries for the teachers and workers, school fees and school uniforms for all school children, clothes, costs for doctors and hospitals, electricity and water and a lot more.

We, Dina and Wolfgang Koerner together with our children Bertrand and Gideon, visited HOTPEC orphanage several times in September 2008. Dina was born and raised in Cameroon and her family lives in about 20 km distance from the orphanage. We set ourselves the goal, to support the orphanage in the long term together with friends, acquaintances, business partners and others of the same frame of mind.

The director, Mrs. Mbaye Njang, who is also living on the orphanage compound, told us what is most needed in HOTPEC. This is, apart from donations of foodstuffs, first and foremost financial assistance for the running costs and for the realisation of the most important projects.