New! New! New!

Some of my pictures are now available as postcards.


Two of my pictures "Twins" and "Life and Death" are now availiable as puzzels, suitable for children.  


Exhibition in MARTIM Hotel, Stuttgart, in the "Culture Mile",

Location: Seidenstraße 34 in 70174 Stuttgart,

from 08.Oktober 2011 until 31. December 2011.



"Das Galerie Loft" in Munich, Ms. Anna-Maria Burger, near English Garden.

Bilder und Skulpturen von Afrika 

Exibition from 09.06.2010 until 24.06.2010.

Vernisage: 09.06.2010 at 19-00 Hours


Permanent exhibition at the art gallery Pompeo Turturiello

Küferstraße 16 in 73728 Esslingen

Starting in September 2010