Born in Tiko, Cameroon

1988 – 92
Studies at the Academy for Visual Arts in Lagos, Nigeria

1993 – 99
Freelance artist and associated work with different african artists in Nigeria and Cameroon

2000 – 04
Period of orientation and integration in Germany. Concentration on the upbringing of my sons.

since 2005
Resumation of acrylic painting. Contemplation about my african roots

Dina Koerner about herself:

„I will always live in two worlds. In order to do this successfully I have to contemplate my first world, Africa. Africa is for me my cradle, my memories and dreams of my childhood. Africa is for me the intensive light, the shining colours, the scents of nature in the rainy season. But first and foremost, Africa is for me the people, their daily life, their dances and their mysterious rites, their masks and their cultic items and gods.“

„It is this, the memories and the pictures in my head, that I try to hold fast in my paintings“.