HOTPEC Orphanage in Cameroon

Priority 1: Extension of the dormitory for babies and small children including babycods and beds. Mrs. Mbaye Njang told us, that they had to turn away at several times orphaned babies and small children because of lack of space to accommodate them. The estimated costs for the extension of the building and furnishings are about € 4.000,00.

Priority 2: Fencing of the compound for security reasons. We had to listen to stories that repeatedly people from surrounding villages trespass the unprotected compound to steal clothes of the children, domestic animals as well as food and fruits from the fields and gardens. Also the older girls would be better protected by a fence from being molested by trespassers at night. The estimated costs for the fencing are about € 6.500,00.

From our point of view it is important to assist HOTPEC orphanage financially to enable them to realise the two above mentioned projects. Through the family of Dina we have also the opportunity to monitor the use of the donated funds. For this reason we have opened a special account and are happy for every donation, as small as it may be. We guarantee for it, that every single Euro will be transmitted to the orphanage without any subtraction.

Account Körner, HOTPEC Waisenhaus-Kamerun

Account No. 0408503009

Bankcode 603 900 00

Bank Vereinigte Volksbank AG

Dina is donating 10 % of all the proceeds from the sales of her paintings to HOTPEC orphanage.

October 2008 Dina und Wolfgang Körner