HOTPEC Orphanage in Cameroon

HOTPEC Orphanage in Cameroon HOTPEC is a non-governmental institution (NGO) for orphanaged and handicapped children in westafrican Cameroon. The Orphanage is situated near the provincial capital Buea in the english speaking south-west-province of the country, lying at the slopes of the 4070 m high Mount Cameroon. Besides, Buea was, because of it`s healthy climate, the seat of the colonial administration in the German colony Cameroon up to the First World War.

HOTPEC was founded in 1995 by private persons and is a government-recognised institution, in which 85 girls and boys in the ages between a few weeks and up to 20 years live today ( September 2008). HOTPEC has it`s own primary school in which the children are educated. The older children visit a public secondary school outside the orphanage. At the end of their school education the young people have to learn a trade to enable them to stand on their own two legs before they are allowed to leave HOTPEC. 

On the about two hectare sized compound is the main building, in which the office and the classrooms of the primary school are situated. There are also simple buildings with dormitories, separate for boys and girls.